Who We are

V Celluloids was established in the year 2014 with an objective of providing movie goers with the most satisfying cinematic experience. A strong team of professionals with nearly two decades of experience in film production and distribution having witnessed the travails of movie goers at town and rural level, felt that the experience of a film goer at town level was simply not satisfying unlike in cities where audiences have several choices. Resolving to work to change this situation, they established V Celluloids and began to explore the prospects of initiating the change. We believe that the experience of watching a movie has to be made enjoyable, comfortable, entertaining and relaxed to a viewer, which inevitably ensures that he returns for more, for a refreshingly wholesome experience. V Celluloids were the first players in regional cinema to introduce viewers many new experiences in Andhra and Telangana states.

What makes us Special

Passionate About Quality

Quality is more than a word for us. At V Celluloids, it is oxygen. That’s why you’ll see our passion for quality at each one of our projects. You’ll find it in every square foot of the property, every square inch of the seat fabric, every pixel on the screen,...

Happiness, our rate of return

We invest more than most, upgrade more frequently than everyone else and monetary profits are just consequences of our commitment to a return of a different kind. We rate our success on the smiles of the people leaving...

A Step a head

We are always a step ahead, not just of our competitors, but also of time. We are, because we are constantly thinking of better ways to serve our patrons, improve different aspects of their experience and ensure they smile all the way back home

Innovation on our minds

Improved projection technology, improved taste or even just an improved shape of an old dish – innovation and improvement are on our minds every waking moment of our lives. And that’s why we make big strides into the future of ...


V Celluloid has been conceptualized and is promoted by Shri Vamsi Krishna Reddy Vemareddy and Shri Vikram Srinivas Reddy Vemareddy. With their wide ranging experiences with cinema for over 15 years, V Celluloids reflects a commitment to improve the Indian cinema experience to be on par with world class standards. A principal component of our promoters’ philosophy is the addition of something new and refreshing to film goers’ overall feel of a movie experience. With our promoters’ far sighted vision of bringing greatness to our cinema, it is inevitable that V Celluloids is certain to create ripples on a national scale and forever change the face of Indian movie industry. A move towards this is launching India’s largest screen at Sullurpet which will make viewers spellbound.

Key Milestones

  • First screen for V Celluloids was started on April 11 2014 and rose to 38 and still counting

  • Number of Employees were increased from 20 to 480 within 4 years

V Celluloids Firsts

  • First to launch a multiplex in Guntur - V Plateno Cinemas

  • First to introduce Dolby Atmos in towns and villages

  • First to offer computerised & online ticketing service across all sites

  • First to introduce paperless mobile based information & ticketing service

  • First to introduce gold class (recliners) in towns and villages

  • First to bring premier movie viewing to towns and villages with exclusive 4K projectors

  • First to introduce inhouse gourmet kitchens for quality food across all sites

  • First to launch India’s largest screen – V Epiq, Sullurpet